Sunday, May 13, 2012

Come Healing, by Leonard Cohen

Hoje pensei em Leonard Cohen, não sei por quê, e lembrei que não comprei ainda nem tinha escutado seu novo CD. Ouvi as músicas e escolhi esta para o blog, "Come Healing".

O solitude of longing
Where love has been confined
Come healing of the body
Come healing of the mind

Da Rolling Stone US: "When Cohen calls this album Old Ideas, he means not just that these are the thoughts of a septuagenarian, but that he's been turning over these cards for a long while: sex, love, God, and the way the three can be shuffled to relieve the pain of existence. A Jew who disappeared up a mountaintop to ponder Zen Buddhist koans, Cohen has sought rapture anywhere and everywhere he can find it – prayer, LSD, the thighs of a woman – and tried to unite the spiritual and the physical since he first made a sensation with a song about a girl named Suzanne, who touches your perfect body with her mind".

(Essa última frase me emocionou, mas acho que não é preciso postar "Suzanne".)


Sergio Lulkin said...

Sim, não é preciso postar Suzanne. Tudo o mais é muito bom, do que contas e do que cantas.

Roger said...

Mas eu nem conto nem canto! :)

Roger said...

Faz tempo que eu não lia uma letra tão brilhante: Love IS longing. And none of us deserve, or anyhow will ever attain, anything closer to what-we-call-love than that.