Sunday, August 13, 2006

Reasons Why I Began to Hate the United States

1. 90% of what they publish per year is shit.

2. Many of the Americans that appear on TV look like if they had a very slow brain (maybe they are just bad actors/actresses; or maybe they are people who work out too much).

3. They re-elected the worst president they ever had.

4. They only speak English (Ezra Pound pitied his college students for not being able to read key poems in the history of literature in their original languages).

5. They are alienated (try to spend some time in the cable network).

6. After Bin Laden blew up the Twin Towers, they blew up the UN.

7. They send their poor to war.

8. Their journalists don't know the difference between "to die" and "to kill" (as in "20 people died in the attack").

9. Even The New Yorker supported the war in Iraq.

10. Once funny and intelligent late shows (i.e. David Lettermann) are now all about interviewing movie stars, asking them about their new-born babies, and promoting their films.

11. They have become the world's most religious nation.

12. They no longer make good films.


Anonymous said...

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KRISTIN said...

Good post! Lots of Americans hate their own country for the same reasons. Too bad you don't write in English much.
Hello from Estonia anyway ;)

PS. You should use WORD VERIFICATION (look it up on dashboard page!) then you won't get "comments" like the previous one.