Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Terminando de ler o romance póstumo de David Wallace, The Pale King

Capítulo 37 (inteiro)

'Certainly appears to be a nice restaurant.'
'Looks pretty nice.'
'I myself have never been here before. I'd heard good things about it, though, from some of the fellows in Administration. I've been anxious to try it.'
'And here we are.'
(Removing chewing gum and wrapping it in Kleenex removed from handbag.) 'Uh-huh.'
(Makes minute adjustments to placement of silverware.) '...'
'Do you suppose it's so much easier to make conversation with someone you already know well than with someone you don't know at all primarily because of all the previously exchanged information and shared experiences between two people who know each other well, or because maybe it's only with people we already know well and know know us well that we don't go through the awkward mental process of subjecting everything we think of saying or bringing up as a topic of light conversation to a self-conscious critical analysis and evaluation that manages to make anything we think of proposing to say to the other person seem dull or stupid or banal or on the other hand maybe overly intimate or tension-producing?'
'What did you say your name was again?'
'Russell. Russell or sometimes "Russ," though to be honest I have a marked preference for Russell. Nothing against the name Russ; I just never quite cottoned to it.'
'Do you got any aspirin with you, Russell?'


Sergio Lulkin said...


uri said...

hey bro'

si llegeixes taaaaaan ràpid et tornaràs sonat com l'amic quixot!!!! I això que és un llibre dens!!!!

be careful!!!!

Roger said...

Oi Sérgio! É engraçado, né? Dá uma cena teatral... Pensei que eu poderia fazer o neurótico e tu quem precisa de aspirinas, se bem que essa segunda personagem parece-me uma mulher. Ou então, eu não sou ator, o Pedro podia fazer o neuras. :pp

Uri, hay devoradores de mujeres ;) y devoradores de libros. Qué le voy a hacer si el mundo está mal repartío.

Sergio Lulkin said...

Sim, é uma escrita dramática, se vê a cena, se escuta o silêncio, as pausas. Vamulá!

A devorar, lo que sea! O a saborear despacito... a poco a poco. Tiempos placenteros... slow food, slow feeling, slow foreplaying.

Roger said...

Isso. Slow and offline. :)