Saturday, January 31, 2009

In a kosher restaurant

I had lunch in a Jewish restaurant on 33rd Street, between Lexington and 2nd Avenues (a Lonely Planet pick). I ordered the keplach, which I didn't know what was. I asked the waitress, an old woman, but didn't understand what she said. Before the keplach (with sautéed onions: that I knew I liked), I asked about the blintzes, and about the pierogen, all words written under the heading "Traditional dishes" on the menu - but, as I say, I didn't understand the woman and didn't ask again. It was good enough to be in a traditional New York restaurant, with tables, tablecloths, chairs, real knives and forks, waiters and waitresses serving tables and going around asking if everything were fine,... and not in one of those take-away places, or do-it-all-yourself places (and do it fast), so ugly, disheartening, and common in New York. So I had the keplach, which were balls of meat and tasted very good, specially with the onions.


PS: How's this for a lyric (heard on a latino drugstore, in Brooklyn)?:

No te quites la ropa-a-a-a
Que quiero hacerlo yo-o-o
Sin que tú te des cuenta-a-a-a
Con manos de ladró-óoon

PS 2: João Gilberto is being played everywhere. :)

PS3: Many people are asking: "How do you like New York?", like deferential people do in Rio, Recife or Salvador. Something unthinkable in 2000 or before.

PS4: Yesterday night I found myself lying about my age for the first time. (It wasn't funny.)

PS5: Next post about John Updike. :(

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