Monday, May 05, 2008


I thought I had one of the best jobs possible. What, being paid for reading (and criticizing) and translating, and now for writing and studying! ... And I still think so, at least some days (well I'm so stupid). But I met this guy during breakfast at the hostel (hostels, specially HI hostels, are great for meeting interesting people from every part of the world): Pete. A tall, long blond haired, handsome guy. Pete's from Colorado, and works as a skiing teacher. But that is only one of his jobs. Last month, for instance, he was working in Barcelona. Of course working is just a way of saying, because what he was is traveling around Spain taking care of one of his clients' daughters - which I imagined being very sexy. So this guy Pete is paid for skiing, and for traveling and looking after beautiful girls. Who knows for what else. (Here I must add, for any American girl who may be reading this some time, that Spain is not such a dangerous place: you can go there alone.) Since the ski season in Colorado only starts in November, Pete has got lots of free months, which he spends traveling around. After getting to know Salvador, he'll go to Rio, and after that he'll be living for two months in Buenos Aires. I told him that he could go to Bariloche, Argentina, or to Chile, and teach skiing during the Southern winter, but he didn't seem to be very interested. Good for Pete! Of course it's not all flowers (there are all those moments of feeling alone, for one thing), and it takes some courage, but the whole of this kind of life is worth it. So thumbs up for Pete!

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