Monday, July 02, 2007

(We) Stupid Urbanites

Here we are, we stupid thirty-year-old urbanites discovering where rice comes from.

Sure, we knew these green flat flooded fields were rice fields. But where in the plant were the grains?

Someone said the rice plant was like the onion plant. So the rice had to be in the bottom end.

"You mean there's one rice grain in each plant?"

"NO MAN! That would make rice more expensive than oil!!! You'd need thousands of plants to make a kilogram! NO! There are lots of grains in the bottom!"

"You mean like, in a kind of green pocket?"

Fortunately, our guest, Nuria, was from the country (this is not China, it all happened about 200 km south of Barcelona, in the Delta del Ebre) and, after spending a very nice time at the beach, made us stop by the side of the road... and lead us out of ignorance.

We left some broken plants behind us, true, but we went back home a little bit wiser.

"Man, what did they teach us in school?"

PS: I realize that this post has nothing to do with Brazil... Hum. I'm getting wiser in Brazil too. Wait. Now I know how this thing called coffee that I can't live without looks like. And I've also had a cacao fruit in my hands. (But where was the chocolate???)

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