Tuesday, June 26, 2007

no maR

Ramon Cardús

(Clique na foto para ampliá-la.)

Palíndromo: No mar, Ramon.

(Que bom se a vida fosse uma praia...)


KRISTIN said...

HEY! Thanks for visiting my blog and comments (I have only seen one at the moment, on the blog about my son's eye) but I already wanted to thank you! So THANK YOU! I have so little amount of readers that I think its close to zero right now :) Oh well. So you are more than welcome!
BUT - do you only write in Portugese now? :( If it is Portugese... I tried to open both "remains of the day" (my favorite movie btw!) but I get nothing but blank screen. I tried many times!
I'm hoping to talk to you soon again :)

Roger said...

Thank YOU! :) I don't think you have a little amount of readers! It seems that you have readers from all over the world! Remains of the day is empty, I decided not to use that title because the name for the web address was already taken. (I guess it's not a very original name for a blog...) I like the movie and the book too :) Usually I write in Spanish or Catalan when I'm in Brazil, and in Portuguese when I'm in Barcelona. But I really like to read and write in English. I'll keep comenting on your blog, sure! Want to talk a little bit more about old people and being useful, hehe. (Oh, and I loved the clouds!)